Xerox C-Toner CT201632 (CP305) Black – 525

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100 in stock


We are using an excellent quality toner powder other than any standard quality toner powder.
So what is the difference between other toner powder?
The difference between other toner powder is that- ours provides uniform and smooth particle in a detailed-manner-
so that customers benefits in this long-lasting quality toner powder

Product highlights
• Keeps printer healthy
• Best quality printout
• Produces high-quality result
• 100% Guarantee Satisfaction

This product is compatible with following model
Cartridge Model: CP305
SKU: 903007
Part No.: CT201632
DP Series: DP CP305D / DP CM305D / DP CM305DF

About Ink Toner and Cartridge
Why particular Cartridges can be used on different printer models?
‣ It is because some printers belong to same family series and all using the same cartridges. Other printers may
have similar core so it can be compatible to some cartridges.

What is an Ink Cartridge?
‣ An ink cartridge is a printer consumable that contains liquid and are used by inkjet printers.

What is a Toner Cartridge?
‣ A toner cartridge is a printer consumable that contains powder and are used by laser printers.

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