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Having a hard time tracking and monitoring trip reports from your Shuttle Services Business? We have the perfect solution for you. No more delays in producing trip reports. Have your drivers input the details of their trips on their mobile phones using our mobile app and access all the information from your main office through our Web Server. View, edit and monitor with ease using our Trip Reporter software.


100 in stock

One of the most important report for a Shuttle service company is the trip report – from this the company is able to provide Salaries to their employees and Invoices to their clients.
Originally, the drivers of the company have to write the ticket report slip and submit it face to face to the head office.
This takes a lot of time and usually cause delay in the generation of the reports because the drivers are scattered in different routes. The drivers send the trip report slip sent via messenger. Which is very disorganized and takes a lot of time to sort, compile and encode into the system.
With the help of the Trip Reporter – Drivers can easily send their trip report slip to the Admin Site using their mobile phones. Which means they no longer need to drop by the head office just to submit a simple report slip. The company can minimize human error made upon writing the ticket report slips.
Our mobile app allows taking/uploading of photos, tracks the date and time of the data entry, displays the location using automatic gps, name of the client, the type of the trip, and the number of passenger.

What’s better is we have an Admin site in which you can monitor/track and even export the reports into excel file. No need to encode the trip report slip details as you can view and export it real time.

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