Field Technician & Employee Report


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Introducing a smart and efficient way of collecting data from you technicians and employees deployed on field or different branches.

  • Collects real-time data with picture, signature and barcode scanning feature using your mobile device.
  • Send and receive reports with ease and without limitations as long as you add your mobile device.
  • Can be used by various users simultaneously.


100 in stock

Many companies send technicians to the field to address their customer’s concerns. The technician will visit the site with the form which is needed to be filled up and signed by the responsible person for confirmation. The completed form is then handed over at the main office.
Travelling from the customer’s place back to the head office can be a hassle for the technician.
SITO will definitely make it easy not just for the technician but also for the main office.
The technician will attend the ticket and do reporting using the SITO mobile app.
They just need to encode or choose the data set by admin.
Scan the barcode of the repaired printer for inventory purposes at the same time.
Take picture of the parts needed to be replaced in the defective printer.
And make the person-in-charge sign in the signature pad on mobile app.
Upon sending the report, the location of the technician will automatically be included in the report using the phone’s built-in GPS.

All the collected data is sent to the Web Server real-time so the admin can easily monitor their report.
Here, the admin can view the actual item used in the printer repaired by the technician
The Admin can also view the barcode of the repaired printer.
In addition, it has a confirmation signature from the person-in-charge, for the purposes of proving that the technician has already attended the ticket.
also, the technician’s location is also recorded using phone’s built-in GPS

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