Smart Check Writer for Printing Check / Software (S/W) Compatible to Windows 7 / 8 / 10 – R9

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66 in stock

Smart Check Writer is designed to easily prepare and minimize errors in issuing checks. It has a feature that automatically converts Amount in Figures into Words. Users can automatically generate check vouchers while preparing checks. It also includes accounting features like generating reports of issued checks based on the transaction type you specified.

⚡ Easy to use
⚡ Converts Amount in Figures into Words
⚡ Generates Check Voucher Automatically
⚡ Check Layout Designer
⚡ Track Expense – Accounting
⚡ Generates Many Reports
⚡ Compatible with All Banks
⚡ Supports Multiple Currencies
⚡ Supports All Kinds of Printers
⚡ Smart Check Writer uses SQL Data for data security and stability

✔ Avoids Hand Writing Mistake
✔ Track your Transactions
✔ Recording Expenses in Real Time
✔ Very Low Price – Sponsored Version
✔ Comply PCHC & BSP
✔ Applicable for Industry / Business

For more information, please visit the following links from our website:
• About our software ➤
• User Guide ➤
• Videos ➤
• FAQ ➤

Q: What printer is compatible?
A: Any printer will work. But check first if your printer can print Bank Check size (3in x 7in)

Q: Does this software work on Mac or Linux?
A: NO. This only works on Windows 7 & Windows 10

Q: What is your License Policy?
A: 1 license per 1 computer. It cannot be transferred to another computer. If you want to activate another computer, buy another license.

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