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Introducing a smart and efficient way of collecting data from different branches and reports from your employees.

  • Collects real-time data with picture, signature and barcode scanning feature using your mobile device.
  • Send and receive reports with ease and without limitations as long as you add your mobile device.
  • Can be used by various users simultaneously.


100 in stock


  1. Can input any text using the input form in mobile app
  2. Select input value from list which is set by admin
  3. Take photo by phone and add photo up to 5 images
  4. Built in barcode scanner, no need to type the barcode value
  5. Signature Pad for report confirmation
  6. Automatic GPS location will be saved upon sending report
  7. After uploading, the Admin can check it in the website
  8. In Service Details tab, here we can see all the uploaded data from mobile application
  9. You can also edit the data and save
  10. Easily export all the data to excel file. For your reports purposes
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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
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