Samsung Stylus Pen For Galaxy Note 7 / Note 8 / Note FE – Silver – 5277 – 525

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Product Name: Compatible S Pen
Color: Silver
Size (WxHxD): 5.80 x 4.20 x 108.12 mm
Weight: 2.8 g
Material: ABS / Steel


Air Command – Every time you take out the S Pen when the screen is unlocked, Air Command will automatically pop up with a menu of available options. The Air Command menu lets you access all the special functions available for the S Pen.
Take notes with Always-On Display – You can start using your S Pen without even unlocking your Note 7. Simply pop out the S Pen and the Always-On Display switches to a white-on-black notepad that lets you scribble and scrawl a note or sketch in seconds.
Create Notes – Samsung introduced a new app called Samsung Notes, where you can write down notes with your S Pen.
Create Sketches – Samsung has included integration with the artistic social media platform PENUP. You can create drawings, color in existing drawings, and share your artwork across the collective
Screen Write – Screen Write lets you write notes on top of your image or screenshot. From there, you can save it, share it, or stylize it in other ways.
Smart Select – Smart Select lets you draw a shape anywhere on the screen and the phone will take a screenshot of that shape. Smart Select also has an option to capture videos with a selected area and turns it into a GIF for easy sharing.
Translate – Launch the Translate menu from the Air Command that will float on top of your phone. It allows you to navigate around the web or your files and hover the S Pen over a word to translate it via Google Translate.
Magnify – Hover over basically anything and Magnify can make it bigger and easier to read. You can magnify things from 150% up to 300%.
Glance – Glance is the perfect tool for multitasking, it allows you to keep an app running in the bottom right corner of the screen and lets you quickly glance back at it simply by hovering the S Pen over the minimized window.
Add Shortcuts – The Air Command lets you add your own apps on the rotary wheel so they can be instantly accessible.

Air Command
Take notes with Always-On Display
Create Notes
Create Sketches
Screen Write
Smart Select
Add Shortcuts

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