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Introducing a smart, efficient and paperless way of collecting data from the production line leaders and office-in-charge in order to create a production report.

  • Collects real-time data with picture, signature and barcode scanning feature using your mobile device.
  • Send and receive reports with ease and without limitations as long as you add your mobile device.
  • Can be used by various users simultaneously.


100 in stock


Manufacturing companies performs mass production daily. The production flow is continuous. Hence a report is highly important to keep track of all the activity happening on the production floor.

It is hard to gather all the data as each line needs to manually fill up the Production Report and submit it to the Production Staff. The Production Staff will encode the reports and compile it before submitting to the management.

SITO software can solve this issue.

Line leaders or the Office-in-charge can fill up the form in the mobile app instead. They can also upload pictures of assembled parts in their line and also sign in the signature tab for confirmation.  In addition to this, there is also a built-in barcode scanner. SITO also records the GPS location of the data submission so the management can make sure that every report is done within the production floor.

The report that will be submitted thru the mobile app is then stored in our web server which the production staff can view or edit on our Admin Site. The Production staff can easily export the file in xls format. No need to encode the reports one by one.

This software can save a lot of time and error and will lift some burden off from Line Leads’ and Production Staff’s workload.

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