Original Samsung Galaxy Note 7 / Note 8 / Note FE S-Pen GOLD – 525 – 525

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3 in stock


Smart Select- allows you to draw on screen as before to make selections of words and images, even copy said selections and share them between apps.
Samsung Notes -allows you to draw and create your masterpiece using your phone with Samsung Notes selection of brushes, colors and pens.
Screen Write -allows you to take screen grabs to capture, note long articles and scrawl on with additional notes and markups.
Magnify – is used to enhance a square on-screen area by 150-300 percent – selectable in 50 percent increments, as defined by you – depending on the S-Pen’s position
Glance- is there to take a peek into an app by hovering the S-Pen over an app icon.
Coloring -allows you to use your s-pen easily for coloring the images you want to edit.
Translate -allows you to translate languages you want to translate, just pullout the S-Pen and click translate.

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