Nespresso Compitable Dunkin Blend Capsules Coffee 80ea × 5g with four flavors Mixed Guarantee genuine from Korea

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Product name Dunkin Capsule Coffee Variety 80 Packs
Type of food (in the case of agricultural and livestock products, item or name) coffee
Producer and location Cheonma Hanaro Cheongju Branch / Korea
Date of manufacture, expiration date, or quality maintenance period The expiration date is marked on the outside of the product within 10 months from the date of manufacture (year/month/day)
Capacity (weight), quantity, and size of contents by packaging unit (agricultural, fishery and livestock products) Dunkin Espresso Blend Capsule (5g-30ea)
Chelsea Vibe Capsule (5g-20ea)
Central Park Blend Capsule (5g-20ea)
Eskistarmuse Blend Capsule (5g-10ea)
Producer/Importer Cheonma Hanaro Cheongju Branch / Korea
Raw material name and content Dunkin Espresso Blend Capsule: 100% Coffee Beans (50% from Nicaragua, 25% from Colombia, 25% from Papua New Guinea)
Chelsea Vibe Capsule: 100% Coffee Beans (50% from Brazil, 30% from Papua New Guinea)
Central Park Blend Capsule : Coffee beans 100% (Uganda 40%, Colombia 30%, Papua New Guinea 30%)
Eskistarmuse Blend Capsule : Coffee beans 100% (Brazilian 60%, Ethiopia 40%)
Nutritional component (in the case of health functional food, nutritional information) None
Genetically modified food None
Whether an import declaration is required in accordance with the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Management Import declaration required in accordance with the Special Act on Imported Food Safety Management
country of manufacture Korea
Quality Assurance Standards In accordance with the relevant laws and the Fair Trade Commission’s Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards
Storage and handling methods Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place
Consumer Safety Precautions Under Applicable Laws Store in a cool, well-ventilated place with low humidity.
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