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Register or categorized all kinds of tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.Every task will be listed and organized properly. Afterwards, current experienced employees create manuals on doing tasks. You can make video tutorials for clear instructions. They are not limited to XLS, DOCS and others.If by chance the task process is changed, it will automatically update the current date.If a newly hired employee forgot how to work, he or she can review the task by themselves without the assistance of other office mates.You can effectively manage time by prioritizing tasks that should be done first.You can list down instructions on how to do tasks.You can specify tasks that are assigned to someone.


100 in stock

Companies always need that all files and data are managed and stored properly. But every employee has their own filing system.and they do not share files each other.Your colleagues don’t know where the documents are kept or you can’t find the missing documents. If there is the scenario that your document in charge or bookkeeper left the company without any endorsement or notice period. It could be a very difficult situation.
Especially when it’s about BIR Document Filing as it’s very important. We need to keep the file and monitor it regularly and need to make sure that there is no monthly report that is missing.We Are Offering Data and File Organizing Software

  1. It can generate any document categories or sub categories easily.
  2. You can add a form or document name with complete details and description.
  3. You can attach the file with each document name or form name.
  4. You can sort the data by date or any data field to make it easy to find any missing form or document.
  5. Newly hired employees can check all the status and details of document filling without any help from other colleagues.
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