Caresens N Glucose Meter Blood Sugar glucose+ FREE Glucose Meter Test Strips (50pcs)

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988 in stock

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Caresens N Glucose Meter Blood Sugar glucose+ Caresens N Glucose Meter Test Strips (50pcs)

“We pride ourselves in providing the best product possible at the best price. We’ve established strict quality control measures and closely monitor our inventory so we can guarantee the product we deliver to you is the best possible.”

– Product features and specifications –
• Glucose Tester
• diabetic tester
• Blood glucose meter
• blood sugar tester for diabetes
• Diabetic lancet strip lancing needle device included care sense
• Battery life of 3,000 tests
• 1,000 test memory
• Size: 93 x 47 x 15 mm
• Weight: 51.5 g (batteries included)
• Temperature range: 5 – 50°C
• Relative humidity range: 10 – 90%

– Guaranteed 100% working accurately –


The performance of CareSens N Brand of BGM Systems has been evaluated in laboratory and in clinical tests. It is designed to work with the CareSens N and CareSens N Pop meters.

Product highlights and how it works
‣ No need for manual coding and are designed to work with the CareSens N meters
‣ Just insert the strip into the meter and it is ready to use.
‣ The meter kit comes with an Owners Booklet and Quick Reference Guide

Product specification
• Weight: 0.1 kg
• Dimensions: 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Note: The accuracy of the CareSens N BGM Systems (Model GM505PAD, GM505PBD, GM505PCD) was assessed by comparing blood glucose results obtained by patients with those obtained using a YSI Model 2300 Glucose Analyzer, a laboratory instrument. The following results were obtained by diabetic patients at clinic centers.

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Dimensions 14 × 7 × 17 cm
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