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Caresens II blood glucose monitor measures blood glucose quickly and accurately. It automatically absorbs the small blood sample applied to the narrow edge of the strip. CareSens II glucose monitor allows alternative site monitoring where fewer nerve endings exist to greatly reduce pain associated with drawing blood for testing. The CareSens II blood glucose monitor guarantees, with proper use, accurate blood glucose measurement regardless of sample location. Whether a sample is drawn from fingertip, forearm, palm, calf or thigh, the results are accurate. The CareSens II blood glucose monitor provides storage for up to 250 blood glucose test results. It also stores the 14-day average and number of tests performed. The performance of CareSens II blood glucose monitor has been evaluated in laboratory and in clinical tests. CareSens II blood glucose monitors are calibrated to yield results equivalent to plasma glucose concentrations. The accuracy of the CareSens II System was evaluated by comparing blood glucose results obtained by patients with those obtained using a YSI Model 2300 Glucose Analyzer, a laboratory instrument

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