bro*ther C-Toner TN2480 Black – 525

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100 in stock

About TN2480
A modern design the deliver high-quality performance and result to satisfy customer need.

Product highlight
– This product is compatible with the following models –
HL Series: HL2375DW
DCP Series: DCP2535DW | DCP2550DW
MFC Series: MFC2715DW | MFC2750DW

Product features/comparison
We are using high-quality toner powder
Our toner powder through microscope seem small particles of uniform and smooth provide you with high-quality printout
Other toner powder through microscope seen broken stoned and uneven size are cause of printer failure and low-quality printout

Curious enough?

Why particular cartridges can be used on different printer models?
It is because some printers belong to same family series and all using the same cartridges. Other printers may have similar core so it can be compatible to some cartridges

What is a Compatible Cartridge?
A compatible cartridge is built from scratch to just like the. It will still provide you with the same performance and quality as an OEM product or a remanufactured product, but it’s made using a slightly different process.

What is a Toner Cartridge?
A toner cartridge is a printer consumable that contains powder and are used by laser printers.

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